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Consensus Group expand with new activity (Consensus Circular Solutions)

Today, more than ever, Circularity and Sustainability are top priority topics that the world can't ignore. This gives us at Consensus Group even more reason to expand our business activities and grow the possibilities for our partners and customers to enhance their ways of doing business. That's why rolling out our Consensus Circular Solutions Branch is the next step we're taking.  


“When it comes to being more sustainable, most businesses are willing to want to make changes, but they don't always seem to know when, where or how to set goals or achieve their set goals within Sustainability and Circularity." says Glenn Laurentius, managing partner at Consensus Group. "Although, the aim for a greener future is a very positive development, the challenge lies in the fact that many claims and promises aren't backed up thoroughly, and people linger quick fixes and symptom-relief. This is where our Consensus approach sets us apart. We choose to work from an intrincic motivation and guide our customers towards their goals."  


Making Circularity achievable  “Our mission is to make Circularity achievable. It shouldn't be this impossible task, so we help organizations determine feasible strategies that effectively contribute to achieving goals in the fields of SDG and CSRD. We've always done this through custom developed solutions for the disciplines of cleaning, hospitality, hygiene, sustainability and cost management. In such a way that a responsible financial balance is created for the future-proofness of an organisation." Laurentius continues: "So our choice was to bring in someone with more experience in a broader context."

Introducing Ronald Heinen  

Ronald Heinen is a professional in Material & Waste Management, Environmental Awareness and specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility. This makes Ronald of perfect added value to the Consensus team. He will be appointed to our Circular Solutions branch.

Ronald says the following: "Circularity is a hot topic, but it wasn’t invented yesterday. Over the past 32 years, I have not only done a lot of research for organisations, developed strategies and plans, but have also been in charge of their circular development and embedding. This is how I specialised in Circularity. For me Consensus’ focus is on being change. I'm excited to guide more companies to a responsible future-proof way of doing business.  My previous experience with projects such as Love Tomorrow has shown me that setting and reaching Circular goals in all kinds of industries is possible. It just takes inspiring people, connecting them and helping them believe in the outcome of their actions. Everyone plays their respective part. As we're all part of the problem, we are also all part of the solution. Embracing Circularity with an intrinsic motivation will cause a ripple effect."

Heinen has helped develop many organisations embrace Circular solutions such as: Tomorrowland (BE, FR, USA, BRA), MOJO, Love Tomorrow, SAIL Amsterdam, City of The Hague, City of Eindhoven, Pinkpop, IDTV, Giro d’Italia, City of Amsterdam, Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Lowlands, ANWB, Fostplus, Holiday on Ice, RAI Amsterdam, Cirque du Soleil, NS, Suez, City of Rotterdam, etcetera.  


Guiding you onto the Circular map 

"Our focus is hygiene, health and hospitality. Circularity is the never-ending loop that connects these factors. Being gamechangers, comes with the responsibility to educate and inspire the future generations. As Consensus Group, we want to take that responsibility as our children are the architects of tomorrow. We owe them the proper guidance if we want to succeed and achieving Happy People & a Healthy Planet. 


Discover Circular Solutions? 

If you're eager to be inspired about what we do, and how we get the job done, you can read all about our vision, mission and activities in Circular Solutions here 



Copyright 2023 Consensus Group. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source. For interviews with Ronald Heinen or Glenn Laurentius regarding Circular Solutions, please contact  


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