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Our People

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Working together to empower our workers in hygiene, health & hospitality 

People spend an average of one third of their lives at work. That is a large chunk of your day to day life. This is why, in addition to optimizing user experience for clients, improving job satisfaction and ensuring employee safety are at the top of our priority list. At the end of the day, we people, share this world. And together we make for our society to function as a whole. At Consensus Group we take every step in society's cycle seriously.  We provide sustainable solutions, gamechanging innovations and healthy conversation in the world of cleaning knowing that with innovative thinking we can provide tailored solutions that make the employee's life much healthier physically and mentally.


Learning from the workfield to improve the industry, mentor and educate the leaders of tomorrow

In this world it's all about how you sell things. We believe that adding the factor of humanity to our work, by giving the world a clearer insight of who we are and what we stand for will build better bridges between everyone active in our industries. Connecting over our differences, identities, similarities, visions and challenges, with the mission to learn more from each other, break through stigmas, highlighting the importance of our work, can inspire the world around us about the importance of hygiene and its fundament for health .

Healthy Environments

Cleaners and Housekeepers are often exposed to harmful chemicals. Research has shown us that working unprotected leaves lasting damage to their health. We advocate for cleaning solutions that protect the health of the people who do the work.

Equality & Recognition 

Cleaners and Housekeepers are often looked down upon. We believe that adding the adding a human aspect to our crucial role in society, helps spread awareness and motivates the next generations to embrace the industries.


Where conversation takes place there's a spark for change! Consensus Education provides access to education through training, webinars and a community that aims for change in cleaning

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Express yourself. Your voice has a place at our table

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