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Achieving Happy People & a Healthy Planet through Circular Solutions




Making Circularity
Achievable For You

Are you aware of the many ways you could successfully implement circularity into your business or organisation? At Consensus Group we have the mission to leave this world better than we found it, by implementing circular thinking and providing sustainable solutions in hygiene, health and hospitality. Until recent years, the main focus for circularity in most organisations has been Waste Management. But did you know that’s just the tip of the iceberg? Our experts are known for rolling out full circular business methods and offering Sustaible Solutions.

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The heart represents the earth we care about. It's our intrinsic motivation to take care for her. Not because we must but we want.

The upcoming sun represents energy.  Energy we get when we succeed in our ambitions for a better world. But most of all when we inspire others to do the same. Especially for our future generations.

The satelites represent all the actions needed to make the earth and its inhabitants healthier. Where we humans respect the earth for its value and do not exhaust it through overconsumption and waste of raw materials


For a Healthy Planet
with Healthy People

Your committed partner for consultancy and management in Sustainability and Circularity

Consensus Circular Solutions is your professional partner in the field of material management, waste management, water & energy consumption, in particular everything related to become more Sustainable and Circular. More than 25 years of experience and expertise in impact measurement, large scaled research and analyses, CO2 footprint, water footprint, creating awareness, sustainable concept development, litter prevention, waste management in combination with a hands on, concrete, achievable and convincing intrinsic motivation to guide you towards future-proofness.


Our work is where the people are. We deliver  sustainable and tailored solutions in all departments of Hygiene, Health and Hospitality 

We are a committed partner and therefore of added value for our clients

We want to be more than a party that advises and mediates. We choose to be a partner that also stands for the advice we have issued and for the suppliers that we have proposed and selected for clients. We also put recommendations into practice. That is why we differ considerably from other consultancy companies on the market.

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Go circular in Hygiene, Health and Hospitality

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