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Chewing gum litter is a problem that costs us more than enough, while it could help us make this world a bit better

Have you ever noticed how our towns, cities, streets, parks, schools, cinemas, trains, planes and theme parks are being taken over by random white splodges? Did you ever take the time to stop and look at exactly what these splodges are? Unfortunately not the work of a radical artist, alien invasion or simply a random act of nature, these splodges are a product of irresponsible chewing gum disposal. These white splodges may look like worthless waste but that does not mean they are cheap. It costs councils across the UK alone £60 million pounds a year to remove chewing gum litter from our streets. Gumdrop offers a solution and a new outlook on the potential of chewing gum.

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Educating and inspiring the public to give gum a second life

Gumdrop Ltd is the first company in the world to find a closed loop recycling process for chewing gum waste. Creating a new material Gum-tec® which is used to manufacture the Gumdrop Bins as well as lots of other products. Individuals are barely aware of the potential chewing gum waste has.. We aim to deliver innovation on a global scale to educate users about the possibilities of chewing gum litter and inspiring to change behaviour in how we dispose our chewing gum to inspire behaviour change and promoting a path to a cleaner greener place.

What’s not thrown on the ground doesn’t have to get cleaned up

Gumdrop is currently saving all its customers more money on cleaning bills than the cost of Gumdrop bin memberships. Check out the membership model below.


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