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We change the game in Hygiene, Health & Hospitality 

To improve happiness for all. Throughout history, Hygiene and Hospitality have proven to be crucial for Health, Happiness and well-being. Humans feel at best in clean and pleasant environments that are welcoming. Not only do hygiene & hospitality improve wellbeing and health, they also improve productivity and people's self-image. At Consensus we understand that you wish your employees, customers, visitors, patients and students to experience this feeling of wealth and that’s why we’ve specialised in bringing you game-changing cleaning solutions to set new standards.

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To provide happiness
for everyone involved

Cleaners. Guests. Housekeepers. Office Managers.
Contract Managers. Facility Managers. And more...

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Our work is where the people are. We deliver  sustainable and tailored solutions in all departments of Hygiene, Health and Hospitality 


Maintaining society in a sustainable way contributes to a higher quality of life 
As we believe that health is a fundament for prosperity, we make it our mission to provide our current and future generations with solutions that help set higher standards for a cleaner and therefore healthier world. We are not afraid to think outside of the box when cleaning challenges arise. We are happy to solve them.With decades of experience and expertise in hygiene, health and hospitality, we are able to diagnose challenges and issues in professional facility settings and to develop suitable sustainable solutions that benefit all parties involved.


We're active in the heart of society. Where people deal hands on with the impact of hygiene and hospitality

Our broad experience in society and global vision allows us to always be in touch with the latest challenges found and questions asked in hygiene and hospitality settings.This position in society is why we can provide you the most advanced, tailored and suited solutions and ideas to move forwards, with full-service application.


One partner and a tailored approach for your challenges
in hygiene, health & hospitality

With over 75 years of experience and expertise in cleaning, sanitary hygiene, cleaning products and materials, corporate clothing as well as waste management we know what it's like to draw full picture. All these factors needs to be rotating in synergy. Our modern yet contemporary approach and knowledge of purchasing and (contract) management processes, ensures that your Hygiene issue is is in the best hands with us.

Your Trusted &
Award Winning Partner

With the certifications that guarantee you quality

Quality matters to us. That's whhy we work every day to be the best of our ability to our customers, partners and employees. By securing our certifications we push to keep our standards high and guarantee you to fair, transparent and pleasant of doing business.