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We believe that maintaining our society sustainably, contributes to a higher quality of life.

Consensus Facility Services is your professional partner in the field of facility issues and in particular everything related to Hygiene and Health. More than 75 years of experience and expertise in cleaning, sanitary hygiene, cleaning products and materials, corporate clothing as well as waste management, in combination with a contemporary approach and knowledge of purchasing and (contract) management processes, ensures that your Hygiene issue is is in the best hands!
We believe that Hygiene & Health
contribute to a better way of life. 

We make it our mission to provide
solutions that benefit the world.
- Consensus Facility Services

Start improving your facility services. Talk to one of our experts!

For many changing trusted ways of doing business can seem complex and troublesome. The questions that come with change are in fact, what hold most people back from even getting started. 

Recognizing this issue we've managed to become experts in listening, helping you choose your purpose and finding creative solutions to the matter. We can help you set new and unthinkable goals and visions in the world of cleaning, health and facility. 

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