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Jamie Laurentius signs with Consensus Group

Jamie Laurentius & Frank Laurentius

We are delighted to confirm that Jamie Laurentius has signed a contract with Consensus Group.The Dutch freelance creative, with a degree in Journalism, Marketing and Sport-management has partnered up with Consensus Group. In 2015 she started her bespoke business, and has been active internationally as a creative in different industries. After picking up experience at Schoonmaak Journaal in 2017, Jamie returns to the world of hygiene, health and hospitality.

“I’m very excited to join forces with the Consensus Group. We both believe that the hygiene and health industry is the foundation that creates well-being and happiness. And that even though cleaning and hospitality work is sometimes looked down upon, at the end of the day, we are a crucial group the world can’t go without.” She says. “We’ve seen, not only during the recent pandemic, but throughout history how important hygiene, health and hospitality are. Innovative technology and artificial intelligence are developing faster than ever, and now that circularity and sustainability have become inevitable trends and are the only way to go, these are exciting grounds to work in. I’m aware people might consider me to be biased but I think Consensus have proven to have the knowledge and experience to filter what works in a world that’s always changing. That’s why I’m excited to have committed my future to this wonderful group of experts.”

People, purpose and planet

With a familiar last name, Laurentius, one could say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The 28 year old is clear on why she chooses the world of hygiene, health, hospitality and happiness: “Obviously, I’ve grown up witnessing the hard work both my parents and brother have poured into the family business. My first side jobs were also in cleaning. Cleaning offices, schools, I've done the jobs. So I’ve seen what it is like when society considers you to be at the bottom of the social ladder. I've somewhat experienced what it’s like to stand in the shoes of some cleaners. Back when I worked in cleaning, but especially at Schoonmaak Journaal, I had the privilege to interview and speak to workers in different parts and layers of this industry professionally. One thing that I noticed is that for most people active in this industry it’s always been about the people, the purpose and the planet. That’s helped me develop a level of respect for the people active in the 3Hs. I really want to play my part because the solutions our industry brings to the table, how we make users and workers feel and what directions we take for people and the planet means a lot to me.”

The projects Jamie will be focussing on is the business’ marketing, sustainability and human Interest departments “I believe that the hospitality and cleaning industry have always shaped and attracted wonderful people. Consensus aims to continue to build awareness around who we are and what we do. Some incredible leading pioneers are doing that, but we have to safeguard the human aspect to push our industry in a positive direction. We owe that to the current workers and the future of our industry." The 28 year also takes over the United in Cleaning podcast.

A family business

Frank Laurentius on his daughter’s integration: “It’s always special when one of your children chooses to follow in your footsteps. However, we have standards and only want to work with experts to offer the best to our clients and partners. In Jamie aside that she is my daughter, we clearly see talent, quality and character that adds value. Jamie has experience in community building on international levels, and has worked alongside multiple international brands. Bringing this bundle of experience into our business is exactly what we want and need at Consensus Group. Last year, I have asked my daughter Jamie to already assist the Consensus Group in launching Women in Cleaning and United in Cleaning. Our visions aligned when we spoke about the future of our industry. Everyone’s become so used to shouting things like: saving costs productivity and innovating. It’s become so normal to be fixated with numbers that we tend to forget the human aspect all while our industry is run by people. The workforce should not be taken for granted. Jamie understands this, and has played a crucial factor in developing both platforms Women in Cleaning and the United in Cleaning equivalent. This is why we’re delighted to welcome her with us. We are looking forward to what is to come.”

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