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Consensus Group Wins Hotelier's Choice at Independent Hotel Show 2023

Earlier this week our team was present at the Independent Hotel Show in London to accept the Hoteliers' Choice 2023 award for its Innovative Cleaning Solution: Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle The Hoteliers' Choice is a brand-new concept for #IHS23 designed to put hotel suppliers in the spotlight! The winning suppliers were recognised by the hotel industry as truly innovative and unique businesses who continue to inspire and bring significant value to the hotel sector. A word from our exhibitors:

"Its an honour to have been a part of this hospitality exhibition." says, Rob Boele, co-founder of Consensus Group. "The Independent Hotel show is considered a prestigious show that only wants to present the world the the best available within the hospitality industry. We're really happy to see the belief of the board and voters in our innovative product. We've felt the warm welcome, enthusiasm and enjoyed spending time getting to meet new faces and talking about sustainable cleaning solutions."

Jamie Laurentius agrees, and adds: "Our favourite thing about exhibitions is that we get to meet people from countries all around the world. This for us is the best way, to stay connected with industries and discover what challenges others are facing. The best part is the reactions and feedback you get from visitors and fellow exhibitors. Some see possibilities immediately, some are skeptical and ask all the right questions. Overall, we realize that awareness is crucial when it comes to this product. And that's our responsibility. The challenge is in getting more people to start thinking less for nature and start collaborating with nature. The answers to most of our challenges are out there, we just need to unlearn to want to think for the planet."

On The Hoteliers Choice

"We're really honoured to be considered a unique concept and listed amongst such incredible innitiatives. Winning the Hoteliers Choice for us, is honour as its a voted contest. We believe in this product, and it's nice to know that those who work with the bottle, are also proud to use it. At the end of the day, we want to help improve hygiene, health and environment. This win gives even more people the opportunity to discover this sustainable cleaning solution. Whether it works for them immediately or whether they ask the question, having the conversation about the possibilities to reduce chemicals and plastics is important."

On sustainability in Hospitality

“It’s evident that the hospitality industry is willing to be more sustainable and greener.” says Rob Boele. “That’s why we’re happy to have also introduced Aqueous Ozone to the hospitality market. We want to thank the board for selecting our Aqueous Ozone Product as Hotelier’s Choice, the voters, exhibitors, visitors and the fellow winners, who made for a great experience.


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