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Team looks back at succesful and connecting team building

Consensus Group reflect on a creative team building trip: A yearly initiative in which the organisations employees travel to a European destination, with the purpose to unwind, reflect on the year, improve cooperation on the work floor.

“Our yearly getaway is more than a team building trip. It's a cultural enrichment with a creative purpose. There is a difference in placing people together to work and getting people to work together as a team.” says Glenn Laurentius, manager at Consensus Group. “We have the privilege to work with a team of inspiring creatives. But each with their own expertise and background. In order to empower the members of our team, you must make that investment and make everyone feel valued. This is why for instance our trip also makes room for strategic sessions. With us, every single team member has their own expertise, vision and insight to share. I believe you have to give your teammembers space to express themselves. We believe that is important and our duty to create a synergy and culture that our team thrives in. Escaping the buzz together to enjoy life as humans, explore the world and talk busines over in different surroundings, is a small investment that helps us improve the connection we have on the workfloor.”

The importance of hospitality

During the trip, the team visits a unique place, this year traveling up to the Italian mountains, to enjoy the history and culture of rural villages. "Our team knows like no other the importance, art, music and hospitality are in people's lives. This getaway gives us a moment to reflect on the year, each other and see what it's like abroad. This experience helps us broaden our vision and always allows our team to bring new concepts and creative solutions for the market and our customers to the table."

Togetherness matters

When it comes to investing in team building it's about more than bringing a positive energy in our office. "Togetherness for us means caring for individuals. We invest in hygiene, health, hospitality to generate happiness. That is a promise to external parties, but one we hold highly within our own organisation too. It is he people who matter. We can only be gamechangers, when we prioritise being change."


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