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Aqueous Ozone in use to Reduce Food Spoilage: Keep Products Fresh Longer

Aqueous ozone is becoming an invaluable tool for professional chefs and kitchens in the fight against food spoilage. By spraying produce with aqueous ozone before storage, chefs can significantly reduce the development of pathogens and fungi that typically lead to spoilage. This natural and powerful disinfectant penetrates and neutralizes harmful microorganisms on the surface of fruits, vegetables, and other perishables, extending their shelf life without the use of harsh chemicals. The use of aqueous ozone thus not only ensures food safety but also helps maintain the freshness and quality of ingredients, ultimately reducing waste and enhancing the overall efficiency of kitchen operations.

At Consensus Group we offer an array of on-demand ozone generators, introducing versatile and efficient solutions for various applications. One of our standout products is the Enozo Spray Bottle, which has gained widespread popularity in kitchens across Europe. This innovative device harnesses the power of aqueous ozone to disinfect surfaces and sanitize produce effectively. Its convenience and effectiveness make it a preferred choice among culinary professionals, ensuring high standards of hygiene and food safety while reducing reliance on chemical cleaners.

Are you ready to try Aqueous Ozone?

We love skepticism. But we're sure ozone will prove itsself to you. That's why we offer the opportunity to test cleaning for thirty days upon purchase. Not satisfied with Ozone cleaning after a month? Then we're happy to take back the product and refund you. Discover more about Aqueous Ozone here here.


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