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How sustainable is your business? Take our quick scan and find out!

Starting your sustainability success story can be challenging. On top of that, you can't plan a route if you don't know where you're located. Take our quick scan and discover more about where you're located.

Sustainability Challenge Quickscan | Step 1

1. Is your company also affected by unexpected price increases of 5 to 10%?

Due to the raise of raw material, fuel, transport and personnel costs cleaning companies feel forced to charge these additional costs, which means that in some cases there may not be enough budget for cleaning and maintenance.⁠

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2. Do you know the exact cost of your facility chain? 

Every cleaning contract is different and can change over the years due to activity changes or change in building layout, such as extra m². We often notice that facility contracts are not in accordance with the current situation of the building due to these changes.⁠

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3. Do you know your CO2 footprint? 

Companies constantly work on their sustainability to be able to create a safer planet. Consensus Group is keen and experienced to find ways to provide a more sustainable cleaning process. For example there are other ways to provide high quality cleaning without the need for chemicals. By introducing ways to clean detergent free we can create possibilities to increase the safety of your employees and make real impact on reducing your CO2 footprint.⁠

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