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Women in Cleaning: What if our Gossip is worth a whole lot?

Rotterdam - Consensus Group introduces Women in Cleaning, a new global platform that is launched for women in the hygiene and health industry. The new platform is designed for women to share their visions and authentic ways of career building.

“In a male dominated industry, we believe that the women who are making a daily difference in our world of hygiene and health deserve a platform. A platform that doesn't set them apart, but embraces their authentic way of career building.” says Martine Mallee, marketing director at Consensus Group and the brain behind the initiative. “Over the years we’ve worked alongside many inspiring women in different layers of the cleaning industry. What I’ve seen up close is that they each have incredibly empowering stories and visions that are worth sharing. That’s why we decided to build the platform ‘Women In Cleaning’ to highlight their stories, visions and successes.”

Positive Reputation

“There is nothing wrong with celebrating male successes or visions. But women in all industries sometimes deal with social issues and boundaries that can be the foundation for very insightful and important conversations.” Mallee continues: “The cleaning industry has a positive reputation for embracing women and their authentic leadership qualities. Women in Cleaning aims to celebrate the Queens in all layers and departments of our wonderful industry. We welcome women to share their visions, journeys to expertise and success in business. And we welcome everyone to join the conversation. Our goal is to educate, inspire and bring people together.”

Empowering Content

The first free Women in Cleaning e-book, in which 25 women active in the cleaning industry share valuable advices on how to improve yourself and your business in hygiene and health was released on December 8th. We're following this e-book up with a supporting podcast series that offers an additional place for women in cleaning to share their wisdom, views, experiences and visions. The first podcast episode titled: Working At Your Resonant Frequency & How To Talk When Nobody Seems To Listen features insight from Xu Simon PhD, MBA, Chief Technology Officer at Enozo. You can listen to the podcast here.

Claim your spotlight!

Do you want to borrow our microphone and speak through Women in Cleaning? Our audience consists of listeners from all around the globe, who are active in the cleaning industry. Your educative information might just be the spark for a lot of people. Please note: we're not a platform to sell your product on, our mission is to inspire and connect. But we do invite you to pitch your journey, inspirations and motivations with our editors.

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