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What Happens To Your Festival Waste? Phase One Of Mojo Concerts on The Journey to Zero Waste

Our team is proud to have partnered with Mojo Concerts in their ambitious journey towards achieving zero waste at their outdoor shows and festivals. This collaborative effort has seen us immersed in the vibrant culture of the events, engaging directly with attendees, and conducting comprehensive waste audits. Our focus has been on several key factors: on-site presence and engagement, analyzing visitor behavior and waste patterns, identifying issues, and improving education and signage. The insights gathered from these efforts will form the foundation for developing and implementing a zero waste strategy by 2030.

On-Site Presence and Engagement

Having a strong on-site presence was crucial for understanding the dynamics of waste generation and disposal at the events. Our team was actively engaged with festival-goers, staff, and vendors to:

  • Educate attendees about proper waste disposal methods.

  • Promote the use of recycling and composting stations.

  • Provide real-time assistance and information regarding waste management practices.

This direct interaction allowed us to gather immediate feedback and observe first-hand the challenges and successes of current waste management systems.

Analyzing Behavior and Patterns of Visitors Towards Waste

Understanding how visitors interact with waste disposal options is vital for creating effective waste reduction strategies. Our analysis included:

Monitoring waste disposal behavior at various points throughout the festival grounds and camp sites.

Identifying common items that were improperly disposed of.

Assessing the volume and types of waste generated.

By mapping these patterns, we were able to pinpoint specific behaviors and areas that require targeted interventions.

Identifying Issues

During our inspections, we identified several key issues that hinder effective waste management:

  • Insufficient recycling and composting options in high-traffic areas.

  • Lack of clarity in signage, leading to improper disposal of waste.

  • Limited engagement from festival-goers due to a lack of awareness about the environmental impact of their waste.

These issues provided us with clear areas for improvement and guided our recommendations for enhancing waste management practices.

Improved Education and Signage

Education and clear communication are critical components of a successful zero waste initiative. To address the issues identified, we focused on:

  • Developing clear, visually engaging signage to guide attendees in proper waste disposal.

  • Creating educational materials and interactive sessions to raise awareness about the importance of waste reduction

  • Collaborating with event organizers to incorporate waste management education into the overall festival experience.

By enhancing educational efforts and improving signage, we aim to foster a culture of sustainability among festival-goers.

Case Studies and Next Steps

The data and insights gathered from these case studies are instrumental in mapping out the next steps in Mojo Concerts' zero waste plan. Key takeaways include:

  • Enhanced Waste Sorting Infrastructure: Implementing more accessible and user-friendly waste sorting stations throughout the festival grounds and camp sites.

  • Targeted Educational Campaigns: Developing and deploying campaigns to educate attendees before, during, and after the event about sustainable practices.

  • Continuous Improvement: Establishing a feedback loop to continuously monitor and improve waste management practices based on real-time data and visitor feedback.

These steps will be critical in rolling out a comprehensive plan to achieve zero waste by 2030. Our ongoing collaboration with Mojo Concerts will ensure that these initiatives are effectively implemented and continuously refined.


Our team's efforts in helping Mojo Concerts map out their journey to zero waste have been both challenging and rewarding. By focusing on on-site engagement, analyzing visitor behavior, identifying issues, and improving education and signage, we have laid a strong foundation for future initiatives. We are excited to continue this partnership and support Mojo Concerts in reaching their zero waste goals by 2030. Together, we are making significant strides towards a more sustainable future for music festivals and outdoor events.


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