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Succes story: Caner Sahin of LangeLand Hospital

How did you end up at Lage Land Hospital and what do you like about what you do?

LangeLand Hospital was my old client during my years of service in the cleaning industry. I know LangeLand Hospital from 5/1/2013, to 3/1/21, because I was a project manager of a cleaning company. During my contract period I was approached by LangeLand Hospital. They asked me if I wanted to join LangeLand Hospital. I experience this offer as an appreciation of my commitment, reliability, honesty and the fulfillment of agreements. As of 1-3-21 I am employed as an internal coordinator within the organisation.

What do you do in the field of sustainability and what contribution does Consensus Group make in this?

I'm responsible for contract management and Consensus helps us in successfully managing our contracts

What advice can you give others for improving the world in terms of hygiene/cleaning?

I believe there should be clearer agreements between client and contractors.

What do companies need to be able to improve? Train employees, repeat training courses, do not deploy inexperienced employees for specific departments (OR complex, IC, A&E).

What is your success story? What successes have you achieved in your sector? Transparency, mutual trust (between client and contractor) and compliance with agreements.


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