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Gumdrop pilot launches in Aviva Stadium Dublin

We're proud to announce that the Aviva Stadium,customer of our partner Safe Stride recently engaged Consensus Group, Safe Stride and Gumdrop on the journey to collect chewing gum in its environment to give it a second life through the Gumtec recylcing programme.

The Dublin based Stadium prides itself on being a unique world class international stadium - an outstanding venue for football, rugby, concerts and conferences providing a top class experience for customers, players, coaches, media, commercial partners and staff. Gumdrop bins have been placed around the stadium, and an educational advert will be shown on the LED boards during events to educate visitors about the possibilities of chewing gum litter.

Glenn Laurentius of Consensus Group says the following: "Essentially small actions can lead to big change, and this pilot is a perfect example. Chewing gum waste is a problem to the environment and finances of many. By collecting and recycling gum, we can make a significant difference in reducing waste, lowering cleaning costs and promoting circularity. We're happy to say that an educational video will be playing in the Aviva Stadium during their variety of events. Knowing the large attendences of their events, we're convinced that we can be the change we wish to see in the world. Every gum wrapper we recycle, every piece of gum we collect, contributes to a healthier planet for future generations.

A recycling system for chewing gum waste?

Throug️ Gumdrop's front-end recycling system GumTec is generated. This is the name of the new polymers that are made from recycled chewing gum. Gumtec are used in the rubber and plastics industry producing new products like the Gumdrop bins, Americano Mugs and so much more." GUM-TEC® is a more sustainable alternative to conventional materials, with a message that resonates with businesses and consumers globally who are working towards enhancing ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance goals).

Green with a drop of pink

Anna Bullus, founder of Gumdrop LTD is equally enthusiastic about the pilot launched at the Aviva Stadium: "We are thrilled to share this exciting partnership. Our Gumdrop bins have been placed in and around the stadium in order to tackle gum waste and promote circular recycling systems, as well as our promotional video that will be shown during stadium events. We can't wait to drive small but might sustainable changes with this collaboration, the future really is green with a drop of pink."


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