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Earth day? Every Day is Earth Day.

Last Monday we watched many noble and heartfelt messages be spread across social media channels. Most were well-meant, from the heart. But we cannot faff around and just think of the earth once a year to collect a good rep and likes on social media. 🗓️ 

Sustainability and circularity are not a trend for us but a way of living. Both are intertwined in our every single business activity. Just as caring for people and planet are rooted in the foundation of our business.

We believe that Hygiene, Health, Hospitality and Happiness can be achieved when we willingly find harmony with planet Earth. There are many examples of sustainable solutions out there that we can learn from.

For instance: did you know our patented Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle immitates thunder to generate ozone on demand? This is why we call it nature’s most powerful sanitiser! There is so much the earth has for us to draw solutions from. It just takes cutting off our pride and the idea that we know better. Let's stop thinking for the earth, and invest in collaborating with the earth to heal both people and planet!


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