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Consensus Group renews its ISO certifications until 2024

Consensus Group has again passed the recertification of ISO 9001 this year. The company from Rotterdam also meets the quality requirements before 2023. ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. With an ISO 9001 certificate, a company shows customers and prospects that their processes meet international standards and that an organization attaches great value to continuous improvement.

“The recertification is an added value for Consensus Group.” says Richard

Besemer, facility services coordinator. “It is in the identity of our company to innovate and improve. We therefore value the way in which we involve customers in this and want to act in the best possible way.”

Transparency and example function

In addition, Consensus Group is at the center of a sector where quality and inspections

be of great importance. "If you are in the front row of quality training and inspections, it is nice to meet the right requirements ourselves.” Consensus Group, delivers on behalf of their Facilitaire services branch and ProFacility quality measurements to third parties. All the more reason to keep it of the certificates is relevant profit for the company.

“We want to be transparent and our fill in the example function.” says Besemer. “These certifications contribute to that and therefore we take steps each year to meet the relevant requirements. We play at an international level and that is why it is important to us that we continue to gatekeep our priorities." says Besemer. “We therefore include this in our objectives. Keep looking continuously what we can do to take progressive steps. That's what we're going for.”


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