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Consensus Group powers United in Cleaning

13-03-2023 Consensus Group powers with United in Cleaning: a global platform for the hygiene, health and hospitality industry. A platform built to inspire and unite each other.

"At United in Cleaning we feel the responsibility to build better bridges between our branches. So that we can connect over our differences, similarities, visions and challenges, with the mission to learn more from each other, inspire the world and educate the next generations. Together with mentors and ambassadors we provide insight into a variety of expertises within our industries."

Frank Laurentius, managing partner of Consensus Group is proud that Consensus Group invests in the new global platform: "I believe hygiene contributes to our health and welfare. It gos hand in hand with hospitality, which leads to happiness and joy. Add sustainability to that mix, which I see as true form of Hospitality to our planet and the people living on it. It is our mission to inspire all and support the workers, with education, safety. Together we can make cleaning valued and fun."

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