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Consensus and Enozo: ready to change the way Europe is cleaning!

Earlier this year Consensus Group introduced the gamechanging EnozoPRO aqueous ozone spray bottle to the European market. Join the new wave in cleaning. Consensus Group introduces EnozoPRO! - 24th of June 2020. And now they've introduced the "EnozoWASH" and "EnozoHOME" as well, making the Enozo products available for both the home and professional markets.


The Enozo Aqueous Ozone Sanitizing Spray Bottles and the Enozo Wash give you the industrial-strength sanitizing and cleaning power you need to keep your home or business running safely and smoothly in these uncertain times. The on-demand aqueous ozone (AO), replaces traditional chemical cleaners and sanitizers.

Using revolutionary technology, Enozo kills 99.9% of common pathogens in only 30 seconds. Inside the Enozo products is a state of-the-art electrolytic cell that turns normal tap water into aqueous ozone (AO) - nature's most powerful sanitizer.

The Enozo Aqueous Ozone Sanitizing Spray Bottles achieved a 99.9% virus reduction within 30 seconds against the commercial testing surrogate for Human Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes the CoVid-19 disease). The Enozo Spray Bottle was tested against surrogate 229E/ATCC VR-740† on hard non-porous surfaces using scientifically recognized testing methods. Ask for the full statement regarding Covid-19 here.


The Enozo products use a tiny trigger-activated pump to draw tap water across a patented electrolytic diamond cell to create Aqueous Ozone. Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule. In nature, ozone is formed mainly by sunlight or lightning. Ozone comes in two forms - gaseous (as a gas) and aqueous (in water). It occurs in nature, but can also be synthesized/man-made.

Enozo products create aqueous ozone to clean, sanitize and deodorize, with no harmful residue left behind! Just spray and wipe or spray and allow to dry. The ozone simply reverts to water and air after killing pathogens.


The spray bottles make aqueous ozone from normal tap water. It creates ozonated water through a patented Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology (ADEPT) process. With ADEPT, water from the bottle reservoir is sent into a chamber where it passes through a solid diamond electrode and comes into contact with a direct electrical current. Here, an electrochemical reaction occurs that splits the water molecules to create free oxygen atoms, which then bond together to form ozone. The bottle then sprays the ozonated water through the nozzle. It is just that simple: 1. Fill 2. Spray 3. Sanitize!


Enozo uses only one ingredient - normal tap water. The Enozo spray bottle takes tap water to make aqueous ozone that will do more than one thing on more than one surface. Unlike most sanitizers, deodorizes and cleaners, the spray bottle doesn't use harmful chemicals, dyes, or perfumes.

Many ingredients used in typical multi-purpose cleaners are known allergens and can cause irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory systems, or even asthma. Even some cleaning products that are marketed as "green" or "natural" may have harmful ingredients in their fragrances and dyes. That's because current regulations do not require manufacturers to list all ingredients on the labels. The spray bottle makes ozone


Aqueous ozone (AO) is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA and is recognized as safe and highly effective by the National Sanitation Foundation. Enozo is also EPA established and Green Seal Certified. Working as a sanitizer, deodorizer and cleaner, it contains no additives, fragrances or dyes. This means that there is nothing added that may cause skin, eye or respiratory irritation. AO is biodegradable leaves no residues behind that would attract dirt into your facilities or home. Since AO replaces various cleaners like glass, stainless steel and other multi-purpose cleaners, our Enozo products help reduce both the synthetic chemicals used for cleaning as well as the number of plastic bottles purchased.


At the Consensus Group, they believe that maintaining the society in a sustainable way contributes to a higher quality of life. They believe that health is fundamental to well-being. That is why Consensus makes it their mission to provide our current and future generations with solutions that help set higher standards for a cleaner and therefore healthier world.


As European partner of Enozo, Consensus Group is looking for partners throughout Europe who want to join them in changing the way the world is cleaning. Find out more about the power of Enozo and their other gamechangers at, ask for a free demo, watch the Enozo videos, and/or sign up as a distributor today and start earning tomorrow!

Disclaimer: The Enozo Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle is categorized as a pesticidal device within the EPA classification structure. The EPA does not routinely include pesticidal devices in its review and therefore the EPA has not confirmed whether, or under what circumstances, such products might be effective against the spread of COVID-19. Also, this explains why the Enozo sanitizing spray bottle does not qualify for listing with the chemical pesticidal formulations reviewed by EPA and included in EPA List N of disinfectants.


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