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Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle stars in Pure Luxe Magazine

Sustainability at its core involves planet and people. This is why we at Consensus Group see it as one of the great responsibilities to provide people with knowledge and possibilities in sustainable cleaning solutions.

In the latest edition of Pure Luxe we explain, among other things, what possibilities the on-demand ozone spray bottle has to offer you at home as a substitute for daily cleaning products as cleaning, in addition to the professional setting, can also positively influence the quality of life in your own living environments.

A simplified approach

"Sustainability can only be achieved when it's rolled out in every setting. That's why we have chosen to to introduce the sustainable aqueous ozone spray bottle to customers, for them to use in their home setting." says Glenn Laurentius, manager of Consensus Group. "Professional cleaners and businesses care more about the science and technology in the bottle than we see private buyers do. That's why simplifying the message has become an important factor to us. Cleaning with just tapwater? Yes it's possible. As that is eventually what you as a user experience do. You fill the spray bottle under the tap, and wipe a surface clean after a press of the button. That's the main act. In addition to this, we have the tutorials with fact sheets ready and educational links to how the product works on scientific levels. In addition we've launched our lease programme. This way it becomes a gadget like a smartphone."


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