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Amsterdam Interclean: A bubbly and inspiring spot for innovators in Hygiene & Hospitality

And as every year, Insterclean is the perfect salad bowl for us to be in. 🥗 We’re always happy to meet people, exchange ideas and combine knowledge. ⚡️🧠💡 And this event that brings so many people from far and wide together makes for the place to do so.

Together with our game-changing partner Edge By Piazza we believe in investing in products designed with the intelligence to make the job easier, healthier and more sustainable. 🌱

We would love to invite you to the conversation about how effective sustainability can be achieved through small behavioral changes. You can find our ozone spray bottle at stand: Edge By Piazza at booth: 12.803.

Sustainability in hygiene, health and hospitality make for global challenges that require the insight and effort of many parties. We believe that in order to achieve success, global collaborations are key. 🔑  So let's talk challenges in every day cleaning, washroom products, saving costs, innovations, air-care and more. Reach out to Glenn Laurentius or swing by the booth to link up.


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