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We bring the spark to lift you

Working with Consensus Group will bring you the spark to lift you higher. That's a promise made possible by our modern yet contemporary way of doing business. By studying and respecting history while embracing the future, finding new and innovative technologies and products have made us game changers. We want to be thinkers who dare and doers who keep raising the bar and quality of the industry. In our work we seek for connection and engagement.


Together, we are convinced we'll find consensus in regards to the problem and the solution. Our spark will bring you higher. Here's some of the crucial factors we look forwards to implementing in your future.

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It's not always easy but we're here to help you make change

For many changing trusted ways of doing business can seem complex and troublesome. The questions that come with change are in fact, what hold most people back from even getting started. 

Recognizing this issue we've managed to become experts in listening, helping you choose your purpose and finding creative solutions to the matter. We can help you set new and unthinkable goals and visions in the world of cleaning, health and facility. 

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