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At the end of the day
it's all about the people

Making an impact takes working together. At Consensus we combine knowledge and emphasize everyone's complimentary qualities so that we can offer you the best of our services. Our team is young at heart, but driven. Together we analyze situations, create concepts, advise solutions and realize projects. Some people call us consultants or project managers, others call us creatives or innovators. The name doesn't really matter: We are full service providers.

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We are creative innovators
ready to lift you higher
At the Consensus Group, we believe that maintaining our society in a sustainable way contributes to a higher quality of life. We believe that health is fundamental to prosparity.

That's why we make it our mission to provide our current and future generations with solutions that help set higher standards for a cleaner and therefore healthier world. We are open to problems and are. We are happy to solve them. With our experience and expertise we are able to make diagnoses and clear analyzes.

As connectors we create solutions with qualified parties and talented people. We use a professional, result-oriented no-nonsense approach. That's how we find consensus and lay the foundation for common success.

Working together
for world wide impact

With years of experience in the cleaning, facility, and hygiene industry, we're certain that we can help you write your success quick and efficiently. Our broad vision and in-depth knowledge of the market are what distinguish us from others.

Our team is focused and highly committed to give you the best advice and helping you realize  optimal processes in the supply chain. We are happy to assist you on different levels to make your company more sustainable and help you with saving cost on transport, raw material, and labour.

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Are you ready to make a change?
Talk to our experts today!

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Ton Lammerts



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Frank Laurentius

Strategy Business 
& Development

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Rob Boele

Consultancy, Tenders
& Contractmanagement

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Martine Mallee

& Education

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Lisa de Groot


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Richard Besemer


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Glenn Laurentius

Innovation &


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Jamie Laurentius



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