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Start cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing using nothing but water

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The purpose of innovation is to create new ideas and technologies that increase productivity and generate greater output and value with the same input

At Consensus Group we safeguard the process of innovation. We believe innovation shouldn't be an extra hassle but an instant sustainable solution. That's why we work day in day out to find the best possible cleaning innovations, some which are game changing and in line with our business goal to make the world more sustainable. We have a huge ambition and want to find new cleaning and hygiene ideas, which can improve the world. In this way we want to empower organizations to change the world, because we believe that with a good approach we can innovate together. We are ready for the future, are you too?
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Sustainability is not just an option but an absolute must

In a world where sustainability has become a responsibility we can no longer ignore, and options are endless it's not always easy to get started. At Consensus Group we recognize this issue. Over the past decade we've managed to become experts in finding creative solutions in the cleaning and hygiene departments of organisations. We are happy to assist you on different levels by helping you with challenges in saving costs on transport, raw material, and labour. Why? Because we must.


Your ideas and innovative solutions have a place at our table

So you have a game changing idea but you don't know where to start. Our innovative solution and product managers are here to offer you visibility, control and a plan of action for your organizations’ initiative or idea. We're here to cover your startup process and assist you with the right tools and network to make your idea a reality. Exchanging ideas, combining knowledge, working together.
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What's holding you back from innovating? 

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