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Making ideas a reality, together!

At Consensus Group we have a mission. We believe that exchanging ideas and combining knowledge together with partners in innovative solutions can help make a difference. That’s why we’ve developed our Innovation Hub Program, the place where you can bring your innovative solution to the table, so that together we can take the steps to bring it to the market. 

Your sustainable ideas and innovative solutions have a place at our table

So you have a great product, a game changing idea but you don't know where to start. Our innovative solution and product managers are here to offer you visibility, control and a plan of action for your organizations’ initiative or idea. We're here to cover your startup process and assist you with the right tools and network to make your idea a reality.
Ideeën aan boord visualiseren

Delivering innovation with confidence and consistency

When it comes to customer-based innovations product optimization is queen and product presentation is king. It is our top-priority to deliver your product with confidence and consistency. We know the market and you have a solution. Together we'll find a ways to meet the needs of customers, while we sharpen all innovation processes and keep up with the competition. 

Let's manage the entire innovation and product lifecycle from idea to realization

Joining Consensus Innovative Hub success program will help you

Align investments with strategy and business objectives

Proper market and product researches 

Be visible in innovative solutions portfolios

Provide opperation tests and make data-drivendecisions

Build strong connections and create collaborative cross-functional process

Manage the entire ideation lifecycle


More have counted on Consensus Innovation Hub to succesfully bring their ideas to a reality

The world is waiting for your innovation. Let's get in touch and be gamechangers together.

Pitch your ideas in a trusted environment. Our managers in innovative solutions have multiple success stories to share that might just inspire you to make your next move. The world is waiting for your innovation, so we can't wait to see what you come up with. 
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